A Mind at Peace

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Most of us are far less peaceful and more easily manipulated than in our younger years. We now live in the midst of a digital revolution that leaves us far more distracted and more deeply worried and all too often causes us to lose our mental and spiritual composure that threatens our relationships, our self-knowledge, our prayer, and our ability to make decisions. Our habits of using technology are tragically making us more insecure, isolated, and lonely, and leading us to seek consolation in machines. Now comes this practical guide for recovering interior peace through ordered activity. Youll be reminded of what you cannot change, and be led to strengthen your own interior faculties of sensing, understanding, choosing, and resting and rejoicing in the good and the true. Each chapter offers a valuable discussion of one quality of the soul that is essential to peaceful life, leading to self-examination and resolutions that you can carry throughout the day and return to for consolation.