It Is Right and Just: Why the Future of Civilization Depends on True Religion

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"In this clear-sighted book, Hahn and McGinley make the bold claim that true religion is a matter of fundamental justice in our relationship with God, essential not only to our eternal destiny but to human flourishing here on earth. They further argue that liberal secular societies are fundamentally idolatrous, and so doomed to falsehood and collapse. Yet there is hope. For true religion can rejuvenate persons, families, communities, societies, and civilization itself."
Jeffrey Mirus, PhD, Founder and President of Trinity Communications and Co-founder of Christendom College

"Religion, modern secularists say, is irrelevant to modern justice and law. It even poses a threat to our national life together. This lie—that religion is designed for individuals and not for societies—is busted in less than 200 pages of exquisite insight and urgency. Hahn and McGinley don't merely demolish; they call us to rebuild, reconsider and recover the public nature of religion, 'the virtue of virtues' according to Thomas Aquinas. Their robust vision of Catholic truth integrates and unites what most modern thinkers have divorced and separated: Faith and reason, individual rights and the common good, the public and the private. They show how the universal call to holiness leads to the sanctification of society. In their vision, building the Church inevitably blesses the nations. This is dynamite. 'How ought we to order our lives together?' was Aristotle's first political question. John Paul II answered: 'Build a civilization of love.' Hahn and McGinley demonstrate that it is our cult, our liturgy, that is the fountainhead for such a civilization and culture. Get this book. Read it. Enjoy it. Chew it. Pray it. Share it."
Al Kresta, Author, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, and host of Kresta in the Afternoon

"Human beings are religious by nature. This is irrepressible in us. We have an innate desire to render what is due to God. Yet liberalism, first through indifference, and then through hostility to true religion, misdirects souls away from their highest good. In so doing, liberalism also misdirects civilization itself. Hahn and McGinley have given us a marvelous book which not only correctly diagnoses what ails our civilization but shows us the cure."
C.C. Pecknold, Associate Professor of Theology, The Catholic University of America

"The privatization of faith has sickened our culture, and Hahn and McGinley and show us how many of the faithful have been infected. It Is Right and Just offers a lens through which to realign lives with true religion—that is, with Jesus Christ. I highly recommend this much needed, clear and enlightening work!"
Curtis Martin, Founder and CEO of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)