Marry Her & Die for Her by Costanza Miriano

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You better believe it! What else is man made for, but to die for a noble cause...? The good of your wife (and your family)? Well, there aren't a whole lot of better causes out there, are there?

Man up, because Costanza Miriano is back in Marry Her and Die for Her. Guys, if you thought you were off the hook after Costanza s first book Marry Him and Be Submissive, you've got another thing coming. Now, she s here to challenge you and give it to you straight about the many ways in which you must die for the woman you love. (But don t worry...she has plenty of reminders for the women as well.) Inside, Miriano provides insight into what women want from men, and how husbands can die for them and their families every day, including:
  • Remember how much your wife liked flowers, compliments, chocolates and romantic dates when she was your girlfriend? Guess what? She still does. Remember how much she wanted to impress your mother when you were dating? She does not care as much about that now...or at least she shouldn't, and neither should you.
  • The old saying goes: Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Never mind that...just lead! The other two are not options. Democracies are fine for countries some of them for families, not so much.
  • You know how tired you feel sometimes (all the time)? Get some rest. You need it! (We thought you would like that one.)
  • Be there. Turns out the old saying is true...showing up IS half the battle.
  • Oh, and lest we forget...if you haven t done so already, Marry Her!
Miriano doesn't just dole out advice; she comes bearing gifts as well. Chief among them are the gifts of sword and shield the shield to defend your wife, children, even your free time once in a while; and the sword to cut away all that is unhealthy and destructive in your most important human relationship. And, oh yes, she encourages men to return to, or start anew, a life of prayer. A man who knows Christ knows true sacrifice and so will be better able to truly marry her and die for her.