Meditations for Mothers: 12 Reflections from The Better Part

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Has it ever been harder to be a confident, spirit-filled mother? You've got financial pressures to deal with. Constant child-rearing quandaries. Stubborn marital strains.

And always, you're hearing the call of the world to take the path of least resistance, to have as your number one priority a 'happier, healthier you.' Or, by the other side of that two edged sword, you're pressured by well-meaning friends in the faith who ominously warn that you re not doing enough to live our your vocation in a way that's perfectly pleasing to God.

Take heart. There's a better, more balanced way - a Bible-based and Christ-centered path through the emotional and spiritual minefield that modern Christian motherhood sometimes seems to be.

Father Bartunek selected these 12 reflections from his best seller The Better Part - incorporating Gospel passages, commentaries, and jewels from our spiritual and cultural heritage, making it perfect for personal study, discussion groups, or simply discussing with a friend over a hot cup of coffee.