Patriot's Handbook for Kids: An Activity Book

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Have a blast learning about America! All you need is a pencil, a little imagination, and your love for the U.S.A.

Learn what it means to be a super citizen by showing your patriotism-the love and loyalty we feel toward the country in which we live. In an era where heroes are often defined by fame and fortune alone, Libby Liberty guides us as we discover people of substance and character. She shows us how we can display that same character, and that the real heart of America lies in our own hearts. And she does all of this through fun, interesting, and engaging activities.

Libby Liberty™ books help power Liberty Learning Foundation's unprecedented, real world bus tour. The Libby Liberty actresses take to school stages to educate and inspire children about their important title as citizens, as well as the important role they will play in the future of their communities and their country. This energetic character teaches future generations about civics, character, financial literacy, and our Great American Story through educational theater, songs, videos, and project based learning.

A portion of Libby Liberty™ book sales helps sustain the movement that is teaching, inspiring, and empowering our Next Great Americans.