Road Signs for Catholic Teens

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Getting the keys to the family car has been a symbol of independence ever since there were cars. You're not a kid anymore, and you can make your own choices - speed, route, direction, destination. It's a fantastic journey that can take you nearly anywhere, as long as you follow the signs.

That's a lot like your spiritual life. You can take the wheel of your faith, get out there, and go. And just like a good road trip, your spiritual life can be full of adventure, joy, and exhilaration. But there are also signs to watch out for and hazards to avoid.

In Road Signs for Catholic Teens, you'll hear God speak to you through sixteen signs:

    Crossroads One Way Road Narrows Slippery When Wet Detour Dead End Rest Area Winding Road Yield School Crossing Deer Crossing Merge Stop Blind Pedestrian Fire Engine Crossing Exit


Think of this like your own Catholic Driver's Manual - with important insights into your life, right now, as you navigate the road of your Catholic Faith.

As Pope Francis said, "Life is a journey, along different roads; different paths, which leave their mark on us."

Ready to hit the gas?

"Road Signs for Catholic Teens is easy to understand and easy to use, but is full of depth, rich insights, and great encouragement in its simplicity." Katie Prejean McGrady, international Catholic speaker and author of Follow: Your Lifelong Adventure with Jesus