Stations of the Cross for the Sick

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Catalina Ryan McDonough Suffering is part of human life. Whether you're ill or are yourself caring for someone who suffers, you can feel terribly alone. But you're never alone. Jesus Christ is walking the same path with you. It's the path He walked on the way to the Cross - a path that leads, in the end, to a glorious resurrection. This little book of devotions can be your constant companion along that path. Catholics have always found comfort in praying the Stations of the Cross. Here, as we meditate on the Stations, each prayer helps us see the connection between our sufferings in this life and the sufferings of Christ. These are simple prayers. The print is large and easy-to-read, the book is easy-to-hold, and the simple pictures help you visualize the meditations. But these little prayers give you the chance to grow closer to Christ - to understand that He is with you in all your sufferings, sharing your own walk to the Cross.