The Greatest Fraud Never Told: False Accusations, Phony Grand Jury Reports, and the Assault on the Catholic Church

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The Greatest Fraud Never Told is the side of the Catholic Church abuse story that the media has not told you.

In this easy-to-read, fast-paced, and highly informative book, you will learn:
... the truth about the rampancy of false accusations against Catholic priests and why genuine abuse victims should be outraged;
... the story of a single fraudster who sent three innocent Catholic priests and a school teacher to prison and also scored a $5 million settlement;
... how Pope Francis championed an abuse case that gained worldwide attention but turned out to be completely bogus;
... how the 2018 Pennsylvania "grand jury report" that shook the world is flatly discredited;
... why bishops decades ago sent abusive priests off to treatment centers - it's not for the reasons you think;
... the story of a falsely accused priest who fought back against the activist group SNAP and won;
and much, much more.

There is no other book like The Greatest Fraud Never Told.