The Story of Easter (Catholic Children's Classics)

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In "The Story of Easter," children are introduced to the account of Jesus' final week, culminating in His Passion, Death and Resurrection. They are invited to travel with Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to join the Apostles in the Last Supper, and to cross over into the Garden of Gethsemane. They will follow Jesus in His betrayal, arrest and unjust trial before the Sanhedrin. They will hear the crowd shouting for His death, and walk with Him on the Way of the Cross. Young readers will stand with Mary and Saint John at the foot of the Cross, and accompany them as they bury Our Lord. Finally, the children will rise with Mary Magdalene and the other women before dawn on Sunday morning to find the stone rolled away as they hear the unbelievable news ~ "He is risen, as He said! "Parents, grandparents, and all who care for children will enjoy many warm and wonderful 'teaching moments' in the pages of this beautifully illustrated new classic. The "Catholic Children's Classics" from Aquinas Kids is a series of illustrated books for children ages 5-9. It offers Bible stories, saint stories, prayers and lessons that are engaging and easy for children to understand. Whether they are at the read-to-me age, or learning to read for themselves, children will cherish the time spent with you and these books, learning about their Catholic heritage. All books in the series are written and lovingly illustrated by talented authors and artists with a genuine understanding and affection for children and a love for the Catholic faith. 32 pages, paper.