Who is the Devil?

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In these terrifying pages written over half-a-century ago, Nicholas Cortes gives you incontrovertible proof that Satan exists, that he and his legions of devils assault you daily, and that by means of relentless attacks --- overwhelming and subtle --- they intend to corrupt you, damn you, and drag you into Hell along with those you love and all the rest of mankind.

A grand battle is raging right now for the future of your soul: not an abstract battle of ideas and principles, but a tough, personal struggle that pits God and you against Satan and his minions. Worse: the nearer you grow to God and the closer to victory, the greater are the traps the Devil lays in your path.

With God's help --- and the help of the good angels, who are truly your friends and guardians --- you can repel the Devil; but to succeed, you must first come to understand Satan's devious ways and recognize his subtle paths of attack. Armed with that knowledge, which Nicholas Cortes gives you here, you'll soon be able to identify temptations early and equip yourself to repel them long before they grow strong enough to overthrow you.

Soon, the Devil's trials will cease to be for you occasions of sin, becoming instead (as they did for scores of saints) providential opportunities for genuine spiritual victories. In the pages of Who is the Devil? Nicholas Cortes will also show you:

  • Why, if you are Christian, you must believe in devils
  • Your own personal devil? Did you know it s not just Satan trying to bring you down?
  • A simple way to banish fear of the Devil . . . no matter how scarlet your sins
  • The terrible distance the kingdom of Satan extends into this world (You ll be surprised!)
  • Why even as we fall into sin, we remain like unto angels
  • How some angels sinned, and why --- unlike our sins --- theirs are unforgivable
  • Witches and sorcerers: the powers they don't really have (and the dangerous ones they do!)
  • How, long before the Internet, the Devil assaulted St. Anthony with obscene images. The saint repelled them (and shows how we can, too)
  • Satanism: what it really is and how --- unknowingly --- even ordinary folks like us fall into it
  • Exorcisms and the priests who perform them: actual cases considered
  • The eye-opening dangers of Black Magic and Black Masses
  • The even greater perils involved in doubting Satan s existence
  • Finally: how, despite the subtlety and raw power of Satan and his minions, you can be assured of salvation.